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Cursed Mark/Seal Rules

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Cursed Mark/Seal Rules Empty Cursed Mark/Seal Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 07, 2014 10:18 am

Cursed Seals

Overview: Cursed seals are used generally to subjugate a specific target and take control over them. However they are generally granted great abilities along the way.

Orochimaru's Juinjutsu

Overview: Not having a body strong enough to handle this art, Orochimaru was unable to use Sage Mode and thus had to create an alternative way to make use of senjutsu. Orochumaru thus used Jūgo, whose body naturally produces an enzyme that triggers bodily transformations, and created a brand of cursed seals that would feed off the wielder's chakra and give them Orochimaru's senjutsu chakra.

Gaining this type of Cursed Seal

To be capable of handling this technique users must meet the following Nindo Skill and Stat requirement;

  • Chakra: Expert (500+ Stats)
  • Req. Nindo Skill: Fuuinjutsu Mastery or above


The seals have two different levels, and the types of transformations differ from seal to seal. When inactive, the seal is simply a black tattoo on the user's body. Orochimaru has a wide array of cursed seals, so the appearance and power of the seal will usually vary. Each seal always has three identical marks arranged in a circular pattern.

Stage One: When first activated, the marks on the seal glow and replicate, spreading over the user's body. This is known as the first level (状態1, Jōtai Ichi; Literally meaning "State 1") of the seal. The degree to which this occurs is dependent on the user, and the degree to which it spreads is proportionate to the overall effect it has. Normally, the wearer of the seal will also experience slight pains during the activation of this level. Lasts 4 Posts|3 Post CD

  • Requirements: 2000 Word Post


  • +200 to all user Nindo Stats (May stack with other abilities/jutsu/techniques)

Stage Two: The second level (状態2, Jōtai Ni; Literally meaning "State 2") of the seal causes the black marks to completely envelop a user. This is followed by many unnatural alterations of the user's body. Once transformed, common features shared include yellow eyes with a black sclerae, skin changing colour, and longer hair. When in this level, the seal also eats away at the mind and personality of its users, driving them to madness if used for too long. It also takes quite a toll on their body, since they are being mutated by the seal. Aside from the first and second levels of the seal, skilled users of the seal are able to perform partial transformations in which the aforementioned mutation caused to the user's body in the level two state can be used without altering the entire body. The power of the cursed seal can even synchronise with the user's regular body with extended use, exponentially enhancing the abilities of their normal state.

  • Requirements: 4000 Word Post

Template: Post this at your update page upon unlocking it.

Name: (Name of the seal.)
Animal Type: (Type of animal your seal is based.)
Appearance Description: (What your transformed state looks like.)
Abilities: (Specific benefits granted by the form which are A-Rank abilities. (2 max.).)
[b]Name:[/b] (Name of the seal.)
[b]Animal Type:[/b] (Type of animal your seal is based.)
[color=crimson][b]Appearance Description:[/b][/color] (What your transformed state looks like.)
[i][u]Abilities:[/u][/i] (Specific benefits granted by the form which are A-Rank abilities. (2 max.).)

  • Gains Stage 1 Perk
  • 2 A-Ranked Abilities

Drawbacks: Lasts 5 Posts|4 Post CD


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