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 Combat Rules

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PostSubject: Combat Rules   Combat Rules Icon_minitimeSat May 28, 2011 10:23 pm

Combat Rules

Combat here takes place by using detail to outwit your opponent, and ultimately defeat them.

Vague Rule: This essentially is using the vagueness of your opponent’s actions to gain a tactical advantage upon them for not being specific. Whenever your opponent is vague, you may fill in the details of what’s occurring as long as it’s logical. If it’s not logical it’s subject to being voided. When considering the Vague Rule, be sure to consider anything ambiguous in your opponent’s post. Kills are generally a result of this rule.

48 Hour Rule: Unless you’re new to Rping, you should know that this rule means you have 48 Hours to reply to an opponent(s) attacks in a combat topic. If you fail to reply within 48 Hours, your opponent may connect their attacks, only if they used an attack in their previous post. If they didn’t, they may forward their post and this rule resets. This rule also resets per post of another participating in combat, meaning they have attacked either combatant, not simply intercepting an attack or being there.

Hand Signs: Ordinarily, without a perk of some kind, you cannot perform Jutsu without first using the necessary hand signs. Jutsu used without hand signs will be voided unless you have the Perk to bypass this rule, or have a preparation of some type. There will also be no ending your post with Hand Signs and performing a technique your next post. All hand signs for Jutsu must be done in the post the technique is used.  

Posting Order: In combat topics its mandatory for a Posting Order to be made as the conflict takes place.

Hidden Attacks: Hidden attacks must have enough detail for a mod or admin to determine that it is actually an attack, if not; the attack is subject to being voided. Hidden attacks also may not be fatal, there is no killing done with hidden attacks.

Knock Outs: When you are knocked unconscious, unless completely brain dead, you may awaken 2 posts after being unconscious. If you are paralyzed you still may not move however.

Chakra: You are given a set amount of jutsu you are capable of performing in a single topic based on what level of chakra you have. When you've used too many techniques and can no longer perform any jutsu you become Knocked Out and follow what's written above.

Thesaurus(ing): This is essentially a post by post story site in spirit, meaning people who power play and use ridiculous words that only a few people have ever heard of to make an attack are voided; doing this makes newcomers/newish people feel a bit overwhelmed and no one wants to constantly google words and their contexts to decipher how they are used.

Godmodding: Is unreasonably taking control of another player’s character during roleplay. It’s frowned upon and with good reason: you only control your character and no one else’s. If found guilty of this your entire post may be voided or you're subject to editing.

Metagaming: Is specific to the unreasonable use of OOC knowledge in roleplayed actions, behaviors, and thoughts. This is prohibited and if found guilty of this your post may be voided, or you may be asked to edit.

Power-playing: Taking the "Nindo" system beyond what is intended will be considered power-playing. Exaggerating any Nindo beyond the strength of what's provided will be voided. Use common sense with this, having Expert/Mastery in strength will not give you Chakra Enhanced Strength, nor will similar Nindo do the same. This will be monitored closely.

Jutsu Clashes

Ok, we all know the fundamentals of chakra natures, and how some overpower others depending on rank and nature. Here is a chart displaying how this works.

Combat Rules Elemental_Relationships_Diagram

A-Rank [Fire Release] vs B-Rank [Water Release]

A-Rank [Fire Release] = B-Rank [Water Release] <--------------Cancels out.
A-Rank [Fire Release] vs A-Rank [Water Release]

A-Rank [Fire Release] < A-Rank [Water Release] <--------------A-Rank [Water Release] Wins.

In the first example this happens as Fire Release is the weaker nature but of a greater Rank than the Water Release. However, the Water Release being elementally dominant causes both techniques to cancel each other out.

In the second example, both techniques have the same Rank, however the Water Release is the dominant nature, which means it will prevail against the weaker Fire Release Nature.

Non-Elemental Jutsu works with Ranks only, for example:  

C-Rank > D-Rank
C-Rank = C-Rank

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Rules   Combat Rules Icon_minitimeTue May 15, 2012 4:20 pm

Updated v1.0: Hand Signs
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Combat Rules
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