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 Ability Registration

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PostSubject: Ability Registration   Ability Registration Icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2012 4:51 pm

*Rules on abilities/bloodlines/hiden can be found here.

About Ability Template

Clan Name: The name of the clan who possesses the ability. 
Ability Name: The name of the Bloodline, Hiden, Kinjutsu, or Curse Technique.
Natures: If Any.
Ability Description: What your ability can do. This includes, Advanced Elements, Dojutsu, Body Modification Kekkei Genkai, Hiden, Kinjutsu, and Curse Techniques. This will be heavily scrutinized as most abilities will only be used through techniques.
Ability Stats:
Stat Boosts: Place any boosts to the user or their technique’s stats here; they are also to be included in the description.
Skill Boosts: Here you gain 1 Point to use for 1 Unique Chakra, or 1 new Nindo Skill or Upgrade to existing. [Must follow existing guidelines and limits concerning each.]
Duration: How many posts the technique lasts.
Derived Jutsu:

[b]Clan Name:[/b]
[b]Ability Name:[/b] The name of the Bloodline, Hiden, Kinjutsu, or Curse Technique.
[b]Natures:[/b] If Any.
[i][u][b]Ability Description:[/b][/u][/i] What your ability can do.
[spoiler="Ability Stats"][b]Range: [/b] How far the ability can reach. May not be applicable; place an N/A
[b]Distance:[/b] Is it Self-Applied, Melee, or Ranged?
[b]Cost:[/b] The amount of Chakra or Life Force paid to activate.
[b]Upkeep:[/b] Cost per post the keep a technique in effect.   
[b]Persistence:[/b] These are Instant, Action, and Control. Click here for more information. [/spoiler]
[b]Stat Boosts:[/b]
[b]Skill Boosts:[/b]
[i]Duration:[/i] How many posts the technique lasts.
[b]Derived Jutsu:[/b]
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Ability Registration
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