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 Summoning Rules

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PostSubject: Summoning Rules   Summoning Rules Icon_minitimeTue May 08, 2012 6:24 pm

Summoning Rules

This is where you will find all the rules governing how summonings work on Naruto Cataclysm.

How to Gain Summoning Contracts

For starters, to be able to use a Summon or Summon Contract, one must first have Summoner as a Class. One must also have, and be able to use the Summoning Technique. Each summoning you have will fill 1 Jutsu Slot alongside the Summoning Technique itself. It should be placed in the slot with it's name followed by "(Summon)" in brackets. If it's a Custom Summon be sure to have a link of the Registration page on your Jutsu List.

The level of Summon you can use depends on the level of your Ninjutsu Nindo Skill. This means that if you purchase a Summon that's too high for your rank it will attack you and kill you, but if not that, your chakra will be drained to the point of death. Like other Jutsu, the Rank of the Summon will determine how much you need to Train or Pay for your summon. Once you complete the training or purchase of the Summon, add it to your Update Page, and only after doing this can you use it without your post being void.

Canon Summoning Contracts

Canon Summoning Contracts are on the first come first serve basis. While some contracts can simply be selected, certain contracts will only be available through special means, where a staff will find ways to give them out as rewards for certain actions including; Tournaments, Missions, and Achievements. This is the list of Canon Single Summons, and Summon Contracts (The Contract Holder's name is placed beside their Contract):

Special Contracts & Animals

  • Baku (summon)
  • Monkey King: Enma
  • Slug Contract (Katsuyu)
  • Ibuse
  • Toad Contract
  • Snake Contract (Includes Manda I)
  • Manda II
  • Giant Centipede (Requires: Rinnegan)
  • Giant Crustacean (Requires: Rinnegan)
  • Giant Drill-Beaked Bird (Requires: Rinnegan)
  • Giant Multi-Headed Dog (Requires: Rinnegan)
  • Giant Ox (Requires: Rinnegan)
  • Giant Panda (Requires: Rinnegan)
  • Giant Rhino (Requires: Rinnegan)
  • Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon (Requires: Rinnegan)

Regular Contracts & Animals

  • Conch King
  • Doki
  • Giant Bee
  • Kamatari (Uchiha Momojin)
  • Kyodaigumo
  • Ningame
  • Kakashi's Ninja Hounds
  • Kisame's Sharks
  • Sasuke's hawk (Uchiha Momojin)

Custom Summoning Contracts

Register your Custom Summoning Contracts here, the Contract's Name and Holder's name will be added below into a list. All Summon Contracts in this list cannot be registered or duplicated again. Also depending on the species chosen, other's may not use the same species for their Custom Summon Contract.

Summoning Duration

The length of time a summon can be in play depends entirely on your Chakra Nindo Stat as follows;

  • Practitioner: 4 Posts|6 Post Cool-Down
  • Expert: 6 Posts|8 Post Cool-Down
  • Mastery: 8 Posts|10 Post Cool-Down
  • Great Mastery: 10 Posts|12 Post Cool-Down
  • Forbidden Mastery: Unlimited
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Summoning Rules
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