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 Character Update Information

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PostSubject: Character Update Information   Character Update Information Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 12:17 am

Overview: The Character Update page is an innovative method that allows not only you, but the staff to keep up with your character's Abilities, Jutsu, Weapons, Rank, and Overall Status on the site depending on what happens to your character IC'ly. It is important to update your character immediately after you've gained something because without an update your character will not be allowed to use what was gained. Of course, these pages need to be approved by a staff before they are valid. If you haven't posted IC you can change your character's classes/jutsu/ and weaponry via the update thread.

  • Every Registered Character must have, and can only have 1 Character Update Topic.

Ryo Calculations: The Ryo Calculation section is where you place the Items you want to purchase from the Shinobi Market as well as their price. Here you will deduct or add the amount of Ryo you gained by whatever means, or spent at the Shinobi Market. Once your update is approved, a staff will check your math and add or deduct the points upon Approval of the Update.

[b]Ryo Calculations:[/b]
[b]Training\Approval Links:[/b]
[u][b]What was Gained?:[/b][/u]
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Character Update Information
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