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 The Exams [Ranking Up]

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PostSubject: The Exams [Ranking Up]   The Exams [Ranking Up] Icon_minitimeSat Jun 07, 2014 10:45 am

The Exams

Overview: The Exams is a selection phase where Genin compete to be recognized as Chuunin in their respective village and beyond. The way the Exams work on NC determined by the staff hosting the exams. Any administrator can host the exams at their whim but will primarily be the responsibility of the OCC Admin and Webmaster.

Tournament: The Tournament is where each combatant will face off and win prizes along the way. This will be a standard RP Combat tournament to prove who has what it takes to become a Chuunin. In this round the Battle Moderators will assist both admins on deciding the outcome of battles. Several criteria will be considered as follows to determine who becomes a Chuunin;

  • Tactics- /5 Points
  • Overall battle quality- /5 Points
  • Fairness- /5 Points
  • Length- /5 Points
  • Outcome- /5 Points
  • Writing- /5 Points
  • Grammar/Punctuation- /5 Points
  • Style- /5 Points

These will be judged on a 5 point scale, 5 being the highest rating. An average of the scores will be compiled from every involved staff member, and Chuunin will be selected based on that average.

An overall score of 25 total Points or better is required to become a Chuunin, whether the battle is won or lost. A score of 35 or better is required to become a Jounin.


For participating actively in the Exams each character will receive 500 Ryo after each round.

    Rewards are also given out based on individual overall scores, added to the base amount given for participation;
  • 0-10; +150 Ryo
  • 11-20; +400 Ryo
  • 21-30; +600 Ryo
  • 31-40; +1000 Ryo

  • Becoming Chuunin: Ranking up to Chuunin improves all of your Nindo to Chuunin level by default
  • Becoming Jounin: Ranking up to Jounin improves all your Nindo to Jounin level by default
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The Exams [Ranking Up]
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