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D-Rank [Starter Missions] Empty D-Rank [Starter Missions]

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:04 pm

Name: Exploration
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Village Kage
Description: It is important for new Genin to get out and become familiar with their own Country. As a result the Kage has issued a mission for all Genin to go to every location in their respective Village’s Country.
Objectives: Visit Every Location in your Country.

  • Create a Thread in Each Location
  • At least five posts of exploration
  • At least 300 Words per post

Reward: 150 Ryo

Name: Farmer Raid
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Village Kage
Description: Lately an epidemic of Farmers in every Country have become hostile towards your Hidden Village. They are running around the Village vandalizing produce stores, and village monuments. These Farmers are but regular people however, and need to be treated carefully.
Objectives: Capture the Farmers(NPC), and bring them to the Kage’s Office for your Kage to deal with, unharmed.

  • Capture at least 10 Farmers
  • 500 Total Words Req.

Reward: 300 Ryo

Name: Capture That Animal!
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Daimyo
Description: Your Country’s Daimyo seems to be fascinated by rare and exotic wild animals, and thus keeps a Zoo for these animals within your village. It seems that many of the Zoo Keepers cannot keep up with the animals, and some have escaped within your village.
Objectives: Capture each animal without harming it, and bring it back to the Daimyo’s Zoo.

  • Capture the following; 1 Lion, 1 Tiger, 1 Elephant, 1 Wild Boar, 1 Anaconda, and 1 Rhyno
  • At least 3 Posts
  • 1000 Total Words Req.

Reward: 200 Ryo

Name: Senior Escort
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Senior citizens of your Village
Description: The senior citizens of your village are having trouble traveling toward the next location outside your village (Leaf Forest, Coastal Islands, Valley of Clouds and Lightning, Mountains Range, and Suna Desert).
Objectives: Escort 3 Senior Citizens from your village to the location outside your village. This is a low risk mission so don’t expect to be attacked, but don’t lower your guard completely.

  • 1 Topic in your village
  • 1 Topic in the location outside your village
    At least 3 Posts for each topic
    At least 600 accumulated words
  • 3 Senior Citizens Escorted

Reward: 250 Ryo

Name: Gather Information For Your Village
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Village Kage
Description: The information about the locations in other Countries has become outdated. To remedy this, we need someone to go out and make an accumulation of information about these locations.
Objectives: Visit each Location of a neighboring Country. Observe, and submit what you learned to the Kage’s Desk.

  • 1 Topic in every location of a neighboring Country (Except it’s Hidden Village; For obvious reasons)
  • At least 3 Posts of observation
  • At least 600 accumulative Words

Reward: 350 Ryo

Name: Catch That Thief
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Store Owner in Your Village
Description: Earlier today, a thief decided to rob a local store in your village, and has long since left the scene of the crime, but hasn’t gotten far.
Objectives: Track the thief(NPC) and capture them without killing them, and bring them to your Village’s prison facility.

  • 1 Topic in your village
  • 1 Defeat and Capture the Robber(NPC)
  • 500 accumulative Words

Reward: 370 Ryo


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