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 C-Rank Missions

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PostSubject: C-Rank Missions   C-Rank Missions Icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2015 8:23 pm

Name: Reputation Sabotage
Rank: C-Rank
Issuer: Mizukage
Description: Someone has been out to ruin the reputation of the newly formed Kaguya clan. It has come to the attention of the Mizukage by a member of the clan itself. Find out who is responsible for this act of sabotage; as it is suspected to be members of Kirigakure’s own shinobi from the Yuzuwari Clan.
Objectives: Capture 1 piece of documentation about this incident using information from the deceased body found by Kirigakure Hunter-nin. Also track 1 member of the Yuzuwari clan(NPC).

  • Create 1 topic tracking a Yuzuwari member(NPC) for 5 posts
  • Secure 1 document detailing their plans
  • At least 2000 accumulative words

Reward: 400 Ryo
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C-Rank Missions
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