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Jutsu Ranking Thread

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Jutsu Ranking Thread - Page 2 Empty Jutsu Ranking Thread

Post by Admin on Sat May 12, 2012 4:24 am

First topic message reminder :

Post here to have Unranked Jutsu, Ranked by an Admin. A link to the Jutsu in question would also be greatly appreciated.

Unranked Jutsu List (This list is subject to change, and will change so watch it. Ranking on trumps this site's ranking.)

Main Chakra Natures
Wind Release:
Wind Release

Beast Tearing Palm
Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere
Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves
Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
Beast Tearing Gale Palm
Scythe Weasel
Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet
Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique
Wind Release: Rasengan
Wind Release: Vacuum Wave
Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
Wind Release: Great Task of the Dragon

Wind Release: Vacuum Blade
Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique
Wind Release: Flower Scattering Dance
Wind Release: Spiraling Wind Ball
Wind Release: Jade-Storm Gale

Powerful Wind Wave
Wind Release: Twister Shot
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Dust Wind Technique
Sage Art: Wind Release Dust Cloud
Wind Release Stream
Water Release:
Water Release

S Rank
Water Release: Water Sky Convergence
Hydration Technique
Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks
Fighting Tongue Slash (Senjutsu)
Water Release: Demon Fish Wave Crash
Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Great Shark Missile Technique
Water Prison Shark Dance Technique

A Rank
Water Release: Water Shockwave
Water Release: Water Dragon Whip
Water Release: Stormy Blockade
Water Release: Powerful Blasting Rain Trench
Water Release: Great Whirlpool Enfolding Technique
Water Release: Huge Explosion Technique

B Rank
Water Replacement
Water Shield Shot
Gushing Water Imprisonment
Takigakure Style: Watercutting Sword
Tornado of Water
Water Release: Water Drowning Technique
Water Release: Tearing Torrent
Water Release: Black Rain Technique
Water Release: Ice Darts
Water Release: Rising Water Slicer
Water Release: Snake’s Mouth
Water Release: Hidden In Water Technique

C Rank
Water Release: Large Projectile
Water Release: Water Gun
Water Release: Water Wave Palm
Water Release: Water Whip
Lightning Release:
Lightning Release

S Rank
Lightning Release Armour
Lightning Dragon Tornado (Requires the Twin Swords)
Lightning Cutter: Double Lightning Quake
Lightning Release: Sixteen Pillar Bind

A Rank
Fangs of Lightning (Requires the Twin Swords)
Thunder Up (Requires a Gelel Stone)
Chidori Sword
Chidori: Thunder
Chidori: Thunderclap
Lightning Destruction
Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Lightning Release Shadow Clone
Lightning Release: Flying Thunder God
Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind
Lightning Release: Thunder Binding
Lightning Release: Black Panther

B Rank
Lightning Strike Armour (Requires the Twin Swords)
Lightning Ball (Requires the Twin Swords)
Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning (Requires the Twin Swords)
Plasma Ball (Requires a Gelel Stone)
Thunder Saber (Requires a Gelel Stone)
Tornado Lightning (Requires a Gelel Stone)
Rock Avalanche
Lightning Hound
Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration

C Rank
Lightning Surge
Fire Release:

Fire Release

S Rank
Coming of the Lightning Fire Phoenix Technique
Fire Release: Flame Rasengan
Fire Release: Roaring Flame Sphere
Sage Art: Goemon

A Rank
Fire Release: Fire Tiger Explosion
Fire Release: Running Fire
Fire Release: Exploding Flame Crater
Sage Art: Fire Release Stream
Exploding Flame Shot

B Rank
Fire Release: Mist Covering Technique
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Missile
Fire Release: Fired Pottery Technique
Fire Release: Flame Flower
Hanzō's Exploding Tag Technique

C Rank
Fire Release: Small Fire Stream
Earth Release:
Earth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Sandwich Technique
Rock Armour
Earth Release: Mud Body Technique

Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Golem Technique
Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique
Earth Release: Destructive Rising Rock Pillars
Earth Release: Dropping Lid
Earth Release Shadow Clone
Earth Release Armour
Earth Release: Earth Flow Wave
Earth Release: Wheel of Fortune

Earth Release: Opening Earth Rising Excavation
Earth Release: Moving Earth Core
Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin
Earth Release: Antlion Technique
Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon
Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet
Earth Release: Mud Wolves
Violent Heavenly Earth Needle
Earth Release: Sticky Earth Drop
Multiple Mudshot Technique

Rock Clone Technique
Earth Release: Earth Dome
Earth Release: Earth Flow Spears
Earth Release: Rock Shelter
Earth Release: Hiding in Rock Technique
Earth Release: Underground Explosion
Earth Release: Earth Flow River
Earth Release: Mud Spore
Earth Release: Mudslide
Earth Release: Rock Pillar Prison Technique
Whac-A-Mole Technique

Earth Release: Tunneling Technique
Earth Release: Rock Section Cane
Mudshot Technique
Yin Release:
Yin Release

Illusionary Mist (Requires 3 Tails)
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change

One With the Tree
Genjutsu: Unknown Fire

Dusk Crow Genjutsu C-Rank

Genjutsu Binding
Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique

Advanced Chakra Natures
Wood Release:
Wood Release

Multiple Wood Release Clones Technique
Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees

Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees
Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands
Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial

Wood Clone Technique
Wood Release: Nativity of a Sea of Trees
Wood Release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique
Wood Release: Great Forest Technique
Wood Release: World of Trees Wall
Wood Release: Smothering Binding Technique

Wood Release: Transformation
Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall
Wood Release: Serial Pillar Houses Technique

Wood Release: Stocks
Wood Release: Wood Spikes Ring
Wood Release: Four-Pillar House Technique

Samurai Techniques:

Iaido (Samurai) (A-Rank)

Iai Beheading (Samurai) (B-Rank)
Chakra Shockwave Slash (Samurai) (B-Rank)
Samurai Sabre Technique (Samurai) (B-Rank)
Rupture (Samurai) (B-Rank)
Flash (Samurai) (C-Rank)

Dancing Blade Risk (Samurai) (C-Rank)

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Jutsu Ranking Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Jutsu Ranking Thread

Post by Kurokyōfu on Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:11 pm

Taika wrote:Could I get Leaf Dragon God graded for me?


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Jutsu Ranking Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Jutsu Ranking Thread

Post by Dansa D on Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:57 pm

Please rank -

Dansa D

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Jutsu Ranking Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Jutsu Ranking Thread

Post by Letony Konowari on Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:48 pm

Intersection Method [B-Rank]
One-Man Front Lotus [B-Rank]
Letony Konowari
Letony Konowari

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Jutsu Ranking Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Jutsu Ranking Thread

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